Lawrence Kasdan and Harlan Coben will partner to write and produce a screen adaptation of Coben’s forthcoming novel STAY CLOSE.  Kasdan, whose latest film, DARLING COMPANION, opens the Santa Barbara Film Festival on January 26th, will direct the screen version of STAY CLOSE.

STAY CLOSE will be published by Dutton Adult on March 20, 2012.  In STAY CLOSE, a past crime returns to devastate the lives of a photojournalist, a suburban mother with a hidden past, and a homicide detective obsessed with a series of unsolved disappearances.  The Hitchcockian thriller plunges all three into a dark world of sex, secrets and shocking violence.

Harlan Coben’s critically acclaimed novels have been published in forty-one languages and have sold over fifty million copies around the world.  Coben has won an Edgar Award, a Shamus Award and an Anthony Award, and is the first author to be honored with all three. His last four novels have debuted at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list.

Coben’s 2001 thriller TELL NO ONE was turned into a hit French film by director Guillaume Canet and is slated to be re-made in the United States, with Ben Affleck directing and Kennedy/Marshall producing at Warner Bros.

Four-time Oscarâ-nominee Lawrence Kasdan’s films include BODY HEAT, THE BIG CHILL, SILVERADO, THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST, GRAND CANYON and DREAMCATCHERTHE BIG CHILL and THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST were Oscarâ-nominated for Best Picture.  GRAND CANYON won the Golden Bear Award for Best Picture at the Berlin Film Festival.  In addition, Kasdan has written or co-written four of the most successful films in motion picture history:  Raiders Of The Lost Ark, The Empire Strikes Back, Return Of The Jedi and The Bodyguard.